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    What are the components of a car's braking system?

    In traditional fuel vehicles, the brake system is mainly composed of the following parts: brake pedal, brake main pump, brake sub pump, vacuum booster pump, brake oil pipe, brake disc, hand brake, ABS system, and vacuum booster pump connected to the brake pedal. When the engine is working, the intake manifold will generate a certain degree of vacuum and a certain pressure difference with the external atmospheric pressure, thus generating a brake assist effect. When the engine is not working, there is no vacuum, but there is a small amount of vacuum in the vacuum booster pump. Therefore, this explains why the brake pedal will not go down after being pressed twice when the vehicle is closed.

    Pure electric vehicles have no engine, so there is no vacuum source generated by the engine. Therefore, the vacuum booster pump cannot work and cannot provide vacuum power for the main brake pump of the vehicle. The electronic vacuum pump solves this problem and replaces the engine as the power source of vacuum. However, the electronic vacuum pump can provide a limited vacuum degree, has large noise and occupies a large space, so it is used as a transitional scheme. At present, most pure electric vehicles use electronic braking system.

    This electronically controlled braking system has a high degree of electronic integration, and uses a motor and various sensors to replace the traditional vacuum pump design. In the absence of a vacuum source, the torque generated by the gear motor is converted into liquid pressure to achieve braking, which can be understood as acting as the main brake pump in the traditional braking system. For pure electric vehicles, this type of electric braking system has greater advantages. It can recover the braking energy to the maximum through decoupling and increase the vehicle mileage.

    Automobile braking system is also called automobile braking system. The function of the braking system is to make the running car slow down or even stop according to the driver's requirements, and play a very safe role in the driving process. The braking system is finally brake pad (disc) or brake shoe (drum type) to complete the braking action. The brake pump belongs to the automobile brake system. The function of the brake pump is mainly to provide brake assistance. Only after the engine of the vehicle is started, it has the function of brake assistance, such as the pump power system for buses and trucks, the oil pump power system for automobiles, and the main oil of the brake pump is a vacuum booster pump. Under the condition of master cylinder power, when the oil pressure of the driver's control sub pump acts on the brake pressure, the force on the brake pedal will be much easier. If the engine of a burning car does not start, even if the driver tries to use it, he cannot press the brake pedal to the bottom.